Class Guidleines
We’re so pleased that you and your best furry friend(s) have made the decision to train with our club.  So that all have a safe and happy class experience, please read and follow our training guidelines.

The Best Friends Dog Club training yard is located at the far east end of the Fairway Recreation Center. Access is available from the parking lot. (Only service dogs are allowed inside the recreation center.) There is a gated potty area next to the training yard.

Use a buckle collar or a harness. No retractable leashes. Bring at least 20 small soft treats (smaller than a dime).  Trainers may want you to bring a small mat for your dog to settle on.  Bring a small bowl for water.  There is a water fountain in the training area.

Please come early enough that you have time to potty your dog (even if you have walked or pottied your dog before leaving home) as dogs can become “inspired” when they smell other dogs. Please only one dog in the potty area at a time. It is important that we make all effort to avoid dogs pottying in the training yard as this could damage the artificial grass and equipment. Do not let dogs potty on the walls, fences, or equipment. If an accident does occur, please use the spray bottle provided to cover the accident.
If you come early, as a courtesy, please refrain from entering the training area if a class is in session as the introduction of a new dog can be very disruptive to the class in progress.

If  Fido or Fifi is feeling under the weather, please feel free to attend that session alone, but DO NOT bring a sick dog (this includes dogs with a cough or diarrhea) to class, as some illnesses can be passed from dog to dog. 

Keep in mind that our dogs are here for training.  While we love to socialize (see our activities calendar), remember that all dogs are not yet ready to meet and greet. When you are at the training yard it is necessary to keep that “personal space” for each dog.
Above all, we hope you have a fun learning experience with your K9 buddy!