The Best Friends Dog Club is a social club focused on providing a positive, courteous, dog-friendly environment for RCSC members in good standing.  The club is dedicated to education, training, and fun activities for both dog owners and dogs, regardless of origin, breed, size or age.  We benefit the dog owners and the entire Sun City community by providing better socialized dogs, and more responsible dog owners.      

The Mission of the Best Friends Dog Club is to provide for the needs of dogs and dog-owners of Sun City.  We do this in several ways:

  • We educate people to care for and handle their dogs for their mutual love and enjoyment.
  • We provide social activities for dogs and dog-owners.
  • We provide an important service to the whole community - PETS/K9 Vials of Life
  • We offer training programs for dog owners with their dogs.

Club Rules & Regulations